Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's THAT day. The holiday everyone seems to love. Personally, I find the food to be horribly bland - and you'll never get me to eat a yam, a sweet potatoe or pumpkin anything.

Overall, 2006 has been a pretty shitty year. I'm not usually the 'silver-lining' kinda guy. I know I have some things to be thankful for. Denton, Tovah and Sophie being the three biggest. Kylie too. Decent health is in there, I guess. A family who isn't completely completely nuts always helps. Dems have the House and Senate. Bush has a 31% approval rating (and dropping). Ted Haggard starring in 'The Paul Lynde Review', which I'm sure will hit the Bonnie Franklin Dinner Theatre sometime in 2007! I also have really good friends, whom I adore...even if I don't tell them as often as I should. (ok, I only made one of those up - but you have to figure out which.)

Props for the day go out to York & Stuart. They've had a tough year too and yet are hosting T-giving dinner for 20-30 students who attend the college where Stuart works, but who cannot make it home for the holiday. More power to them!!

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Anonymous said...

Love you too, Blobby Blob.