Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's THAT day. The holiday everyone seems to love. Personally, I find the food to be horribly bland - and you'll never get me to eat a yam, a sweet potatoe or pumpkin anything.

Overall, 2006 has been a pretty shitty year. I'm not usually the 'silver-lining' kinda guy. I know I have some things to be thankful for. Denton, Tovah and Sophie being the three biggest. Kylie too. Decent health is in there, I guess. A family who isn't completely completely nuts always helps. Dems have the House and Senate. Bush has a 31% approval rating (and dropping). Ted Haggard starring in 'The Paul Lynde Review', which I'm sure will hit the Bonnie Franklin Dinner Theatre sometime in 2007! I also have really good friends, whom I adore...even if I don't tell them as often as I should. (ok, I only made one of those up - but you have to figure out which.)

Props for the day go out to York & Stuart. They've had a tough year too and yet are hosting T-giving dinner for 20-30 students who attend the college where Stuart works, but who cannot make it home for the holiday. More power to them!!


rebecca said...

Oh we love you too, you big lug!

Anonymous said...

Love you too, Blobby Blob.