Monday, March 04, 2024

My Music Monday

Something else new.  I have zero idea who Tom Odell might be. Still yesterday, while driving to a hike with Shep and 710, his song, "Black Friday" came on XM. 

I normally am quick on the draw to change channels for any given reason, but for this, something told me not to. I'm glad I didn't. 

I am also quick to pick up on lyrics and sentiment, and I just haven't yet. I am picking this at the most basic level, that I liked, in general, what I heard. 

Mind you, we came in partially into the song, so I didn't have the entire overview of the tune. You'll see it starts out as a slow introspective song - maybe the entire thing is - but it kind of builds and opens up, in a good way, at around the 2:48 mark. 

I've now only heard it twice, so I can't fully give it a thumbs up or down, but we'll see where it takes me. 

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