Saturday, March 02, 2024

the Lake

A fairly uneventful week, though Covid still remains in our house. It's becoming annoying and unwelcome. On a positive note, my lungs aren't horribly effected, so I can still run - and the knees is slightly better. It seems ibuprofen might be better than naproxin for this ailment.  Time will tell. 

But the dog is thrilled with Covid. Week two of no daycare. It might be a shock from him when he has to go back to "school". 

Simon "helping" with the groceries. 

Shep looks so handsome in the sun. It was almost 70 out the other day. The next it dropped to 22. 

You know, if the girl cats we had got up on tables and counters, at least they had the decency to do it when we weren't around - and not just sit there being proud of themselves. 

A walk around Shaker Lake - the lower one. 

....and Simon refuses to learn any lessons when it comes to Shep. 
Part of me commends him on trying to become Shep's friend. 

Song by: Laurie Anderson


James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon is so covered with exceptional markings, intelligence. I wish Shep would give it up. But then again , we all know who is “Daddy’s good Boy”

Travel said...

Sometimes the furry one's get along, sometimes they don't.

Old Lurker said...

"becoming" annoying and unwelcome? I'm sorry that 710 is having a rough go of it. I hope he heals up well.