Monday, March 18, 2024

My Music Monday

Now and then, songs pop into my head from the past. I mean, you know, they can't be from the future, right?

It's not even a song I've heard on the radio or in a store. Just something triggers the thought. 

And for those who know me, sometimes it is difficult for me to get something out of my head. It's a problem now and then. 

This time, the song is "Say You Will" by Foreigner. 

I know a ton of Foreigner songs, but never purchased an album. They had a number of hits and some well played album-oriented rock songs that technically weren't singles. These would span top 40 and rock stations, depending on the song. 

They'd been around since '77, but "Say You Will" would be a decade later. The song is well put together, or so I think. ....and clearly it's been in my head. 

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