Friday, March 15, 2024

Ship of Fools

It was an off day. Meaning, I was off. I felt off. 

I was off. 

I dodged news. I dodged emails and texts when I could. There is a certain group of friends who are exempt from my anti-social behaviour. Everyone else? They'll hear from me when they hear from me. 

We had a double "celebrity" death two days ago:  Eric Carmen (from the Raspberries and solo work) and Karl Wallinger (from the Waterboys).

Carmen was a Cleveland boy. And while it didn't say where he died, he did relocate back here a few years back. Oh, how scandalous it was to have "Go All the Way" on a K-Tel album. Even I knew at a young age that was like kissing or something. 

While one of my sisters had his first solo disk and played it far too often (according to me!), I knew the music but was never a fan. Less so when Celine Dion decided to cover "All By Myself". I mean, good for Eric - because you know that was a bunch of coins. But ick - the cultural stigma for the rest of us. The scordeling. 

I did, however, like the Waterboys. I'd say they had a number of songs - and they did - but few most people might know. The assumed biggest (I did zero research on this) is what I"m featuring below, "Ship of Fools". 

Save me from tomorrow........indeed.