Tuesday, March 12, 2024

It's Over

Well, THAT'S over! 

Mike's "witty" comments in his selections aside, he wasn't even around for the first half of Oscar night because he was at an actual Oscar party - and I quote - "have been asked to play piano for a "friend" (ok, I added those quotation marks) who is singing one number."

There may have been an audible groan by me at the thought of someone in P-Town speak-"singing" "What Was I Made For", because you just know that was the "number".   ....and that Mike was tinkling the ivories (not a water sports/pachyderm euphemism.....probably) is just precious. And I just know he volunteered more than he was "asked". 

Wow - there are a lot of quotation marks above. All perfectly cromulent. 

Maybe it was due to the time change, but I assumed this thing started at 20:00 as it usually does. It did not. So we missed Jimmy Kimmel's monologue which is usually good, but who knows. I suppose YouTube does. And we missed an award or two, nothing the internet couldn't catch me up on. 

The show? Blah. It seemed so forced, even more so than usual. And really? A standing ovation for the stars of Twins???? I'd get it if both of them were dying. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be. 

Due to Mike's piano recital, he was virtually non-existent in our normal texting back-and-forth for the first half of the show.When he did arrive, it was fun. Maybe that's the sweet spot:  miss the first 30 minutes of the broadcast and only chat for half of it. 

As we went into this, Mike and I diverged in our selections by 11, which is a lot for us....and the same as last year (I just checked).  And like last year, Mike won by one. 

It seems I still let emotion and not logic dictate two choices (more really, but some of those paid off. I was very correct about the best actress........thank you!)  - director and song. Had I just picked one correctly, it would have been a tie.  I stepped up with the animated stuff; he with the screenplays. There was only one category were we both picked incorrectly. 

But from the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe, here are the official results from the 13th Annual Academy Award Guessing Games®

Best Picture - both won 
Best Director -  Mike wins
Best Actress - Blobby wins
Best Actor - both won 
Best Supporting Actress - both won 
Best Supporting Actor - both won 
Cinematography - both won
Editing - both won 
Original Screenplay -Mike wins 
Adapted Screenplay - Mike wins
Production Design - Mike wins 
International Feature - both win
Animated Feature - Blobby wins 
Animated Short - Blobby wins 
Documentary Feature - both won
Documentary Short - both lost
Live-Action Short - both won
Visual Effects - both won
Original Song - Mike wins 
Original Score - Mike wins 
Sound - Blobby wins 
Makeup and Hairstyling - Blobby wins
Costume Design - both won

Mike had 6 wins. I had 5. The rest were tied. I suppose I owe him cookies.....or perhaps some Ozempic. ...whichever is easiest to get and send. 

Song by: Roy Orbison


James Dwight Williamson said...

23 categories and combined you got half . Maybe watch something else 😊

Mike said...

To the editor: Please note that like his oscar night's texting, Mike will be joining this party late. We are all thrilled that Mike pulled out a victory here...comments to come tomorrow.