Saturday, March 16, 2024

To Sir with Love

I got no great intro this week.  But really when do I?

Dad #1's boy  I'm not surprised in the least. 

He made the feed. 

The dude is big. 
Yes, we have a chair positioned at a window so he can spend time there.  I hope people walking down the street see him there. 

Warm day. 
I sprang Shep from daycare and we took a walk around a lake. This is the shot I sent 710. 

Lulu LOVES Shep.

She barks at everyone who walks by, except Shep. Her butt wiggles with excitement and we have to go to her, as she is contained with an invisible fence. 

Simon does like to sleep on my ottoman, so I'm not a complete pariah to him. 

Song by: Lulu


James Dwight Williamson said...

Simon is so beautiful and Shep is a Politician

Travel said...

Pretty kitty, woof, woof.

Old Lurker said...

I never realized you were a footwear-discordant household.