Monday, June 12, 2017

My Music Monday

I might not have mentioned it, but I'm going it alone.

Erik, has opted to 'suspend' his blog. He claims he'll do 12 of 12 but he's not blogging per se, which means no Hi-Fi Friday for him. If I so any theme music posts, they're on me. I'm good forgoing themes for the moment.

Right now, I've just been doing new(er) music. Mostly 2017 stuff....but some might older, just newer to me.

Here's the dirty secret about Sirius XM radio.....that is if you're paying attention, which I'm guessing most people do not: of a few hundred thousand songs to pull from, I find that for certain periods of time, they not only rotate only a handful of song, but in the same fucking order. least on some of the channels.

When one is on a car-trip, it isn't that difficult to deduce.

That said, on the way to and from NYC, I heard "It's a Trip!" by a group called Joywave.  I kind of dig it.  The song I like.......the lead singer in the video creeps me out.

So radio isn't all bad.  There are no visuals.

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