Friday, June 16, 2017

No Place to Hide

I have to say, I think I was 21 before I had my first apartment. Well, less than that, but in my first one, I lived with my seemingly well-hung roommate.  I never actually found out, but.....well, sometimes you just know things.  ....and let me tell you, that first solo place was an efficiency with a pull-out sofa bed. I believe, I was the only non-Asian in the building. 

Shep isn't even two yet, and he know has his own pad. 

The crate wasn't working for us. Or him. Unlike Petey, he never has seen it as his safe place. The howling after being in it would go on for hours. It was stressful for all. 

By the time we got Petey he had slowed down and was responsible. He was fine to be uncrated and in the house by his lonesome (well.....with a cat).  Shep? Not so much. 

710 set up the over the garage apartment (read: office) so that Shep would have access to the two rooms with vinyl flooring. Should he pee or poop there, it would harm nothing. 

He also set up the webcam so we could watch him. I was nervous about this. I always am. I hated him being alone up there. That said, he had access to two beds and a chair to look out a cracked window - any number of things he didn't have in his crate. 

I rushed home day 1.  No accident. And he was thrilled to see me. 

I opted not to watch the webcam the first day. 710 said he barked for a bit but then didn't. He didn't use the beds either, but crashed on the hard floor.  710 sent me pics. 

Shep was also aware of the camera, as he'd see it move as 710 or I were using it remotely. 

We made it through three weeks of no accidents.  Not one.   And he eventually started using one bed...and then the second. This is a dog who never used any bed in the house. Then a week in NYC, so we thought there might be some backsliding, but nope. He's a clean pre-teen. 

So on Monday, 710 opened up the entire apartment for Shep's use.  The two beds are now in the main room. He's got a window unit air conditioner to keep him comfortable in this heat.

Now either 710 or myself have semi-rushed home to free him, but still - not a drop of pee or one pinched loaf.  I'm impressed. 

While I have checked in on him, sometimes early, he goes window to window (as far as I can tell), but I have heard no barking or howling.  He seems less anxious there.......and I'm feeling less guilty. 

So.......Shep has a one bed / one bath apartment. He has western, northern and eastern exposures. He has great neighbors (psssst.....that's us). He has multiple chairs and a few beds. And a big bowl of water. 

.....and he doesn't pay rent. 

Who's face you gotta lick around here to get that sweet deal? 

Song by: Alison Krauss + Union Station


anne marie in philly said...

shep (and sophie) live a life of luxury. and their daddies willingly provide.

my first apartment - 1977, age 23, $105/month rent utilities included (excluding telephone). an old house converted into 3 was a dump, but it was MY dump! today that area is urban trash not fit for human habitation.

GregM said...

So now that Shep has shown he can be a responsible adult, will he eventually be allowed to stay in the house while you're away?

Fearsome Beard said...

What we do for our fur kids.

Anonymous said...

Well I'd move it but I refuse to lick you.