Thursday, March 03, 2022

State of the Nation

Honestly, why even have a State of the Union, considering the state of the Union. 

Pappy Joe is dreaming big if he thinks he's uniting anyone. This is no offense to Pappy Joe. No one - and I mean, no. one.  - is uniting anyone anytime, at least in my life time. 

How would this even be possible? 

Truth be told, I was not going to turn on the TV two nights ago to save my fucking life. From what I heard about it was Pappy Joe mispronouncing words, because that won't be held against a 128 year old man who is leader of anything but the free world. 

Yet these two - and probably others - interrupting, standing up and being boisterous and loud during the SotU. 

Since there is no winning with this group, there is also really nothing to lose. If I were Pappy Joe, I think I would have stopped, looked right at them, pointed right at them and say, "shut the FUCK UP, you cunts!". 

Crude? Yes. 
Inappropriate? Sure. 

But it would have stopped them in their tracks for 24 seconds, but what a blissful 24 seconds. 

Song by: New Order


Travel said...

Glad I skipped it, I might have thrown things

dakoataquave said...

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