Monday, March 07, 2022

My Music Monday

It's a shuffle to the 10th song kind of post today. You just never know what you'll get. 

But I do. Well........eventually. 

This comes from their last album, Gaslighter, which is weirdly now almost two years old.  It's an ok disk. Nothing outstanding, though it has its moments. 

One of them - kind of - is today's selection, "Tights on My Boat". 

I cannot speak for the accuracy of the song, but it is tied to the dissolution of Natalie Maines' marriage. Or at least a variation of why it ended. 

While the song indicates that there were tights left on their boat (she sing 'my boat' as it was / is called the Nautalie). Maines claims there is a boat, but there were no tights. Perhaps it was an over the shoulder bolder holder. 

The song seems like one that has either been deconstructed or not quite fully formed. This is what makes it work. There is one subpar run of Maines' vocals, and while it doesn't ruin the song, it's least to me. 

The lyrics are brutal, if true. Even if just a variation. Her ex-husband has to be seething, if true or not. Still, if true, it sounds like his own undoing. 

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