Friday, March 25, 2022

the Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

I knew way back when that we had eaten at Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC. 

What I seemed to have repressed was the fact that we helped fund Hillary's Sex Trafficking Ring™.

For those who might not be "in the know", Comet's is the place where Qanon and well....the GOP, which is pretty much the same thing, said that Hillary Clinton was running her child sex trafficking ring out of their basement

.....but you could get calzone too, if lil' Tyler wasn't enough to fill your palate. 

I am not sure if they actually have calzone.......and I think it was determined there was no basement, just like at the Alamo. 

I know you're thinking two things: 1. $378 for pizza.   And 2. those motherfuckers are cheap as hell and left no tip. 

First off, it turns out we paid for 14 people! (man, I've been writing this blog wayyyyy too long.)   And we bought four MORE copies of Becky's novel.  It was a pricy trip (well, if I remember, I was in DC for work, so they paid for the flight).

I have to assume someone else agreed to pick up the tip, as we really aren't that cheap. 

I suppose it's possible that HRC sent over some young uns over to our hotel afterwards, but I suspect I'd remember that. 

She had gotten further if she had sent over dessert.   ....or the kid's dad. 

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