Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Like a Prayer

For all the people I've taken through HR lately, and fired, my turn could easily be up next. 

For the holiday, a friend / co-worker / psychiatrist got me this "fucking" calendar of the day. 

It sits behind me, facing outward for any and all to see. The non-problem is: I don't see anyone and almost no one comes into my office. Covid - dontcha know. 

Yes restrictions are lifting, but it's a hospital, so in certain ways, they're not. Even if fully lifted, 90% of my staff works not in my building, let alone the same floor. The 'n' is very small of who will see something like this:

But outside my office is a desk built for secretarial support. I don't have, nor need, a secretary. I've been doing my own faxing since I was a tween. 

The other day, I heard some noise outside my office and jokingly go, "what the hell is going on out there???". 

It turns out, someone was moving in at that desk. She doesn't report to me.  ....and she's named after a character on the Colbys. You'll have to figure that one out.............on all levels.

While she set up her desk, she didn't start until this last Monday. But on her desk, is a page-a-day calendar that is diametrically opposed to mine:   bible verse of the fucking day. 

Oh, and she says, "have a blessed day".  And, "g-d never gives us more than we can handle". 

HOW - and I say this nicely - HOW, is this going to end well for me??

Sailors blush at my language choices. 

I totally get that I'm gonna offend someone, but honestly, why isn't it just as offensive to me when someone spouts religion.  How is 'have a blessed day' any better than "have a great fucking day'

I have a feeling, I'm about to find out.  Not today. Not tomorrow,'s gonna come back to bite me. Mark. My. Words. 

Song by: Madonna

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Travel said...

Oh we feel your pain, I would balance that neither language is for the office, I look forward to being a profane old man after I retire. As my mother developed dementia, my father was SHOCKED at the words she knew.