Wednesday, March 09, 2022

wish you were gay

I don't understand Disney, or the people who thrive on the brand. 

I have friends - grown gay men - who LIVE Disney. Every vacation........and I do mean every single based around one of their theme parks or cruise lines. There is nary a decoration in their house that is not Mouse House related. 

Ditto with a niece and her husband. 

I've joked with her mother, I hope when they have kids, the offspring will loathe Disney. 

We don't have Disney + in this house. We had it free for a year and watched exactly one thing: Hamilton. Oh, the faces I get when I admit I haven't seen the Mandalorian

We went to Magic Kingdom a few years back and thank my lucky stars that 710 was on board with never ever ever ever having to return again. Truth be told, I kind of want to see the Star Wars shit, but I think that shall never ever ever ever happen. 

Since Disney employs every gay cast member and imagineer in Orlando, it would have been nice if the CEO denounced Florida's soon-to-be law on saying the word 'gay', for fear that some parents might have to have a potentially awkward convo with their own kids. 

As fluid as jobs are currently, half those cast members could probably make their way over to Universal and leave Disney high and dry. If the CEO doesn't know it, hiring anyone, let alone good / qualified, is a, challenge these days.  When 4-6 million people leave their jobs every month lately, why risk it? 

This is also the company who brings you flamboyant male characters in cartoon form, and then tween and above male masturbatory material in the way of Thor and Captain America.  .....and Oscar Isaacs in Star Wars.    ......I've heard. 

There is nothing wrong with taking a stand, Disney.  You can't say you "unequivocally stand" with LGBTQ+ employees and then slam their existence to pucker up to the fucking douche of a governor in Tallahassee.  The organization is probably the largest employer and tax base for the fucking state - STAND UP. 

The Disney CEO is taking heat. I hope people turn it up. 

Now I will be interested in what these past middle-aged homos do with all their Disney collectibles. I'm sure they'll all remain on display to give me the willies - should I ever step foot outside mine own house, let alone into theirs. 

Song by: Billie Ellish


Travel said...

There are a couple of reasons I should go to Florida, and a million reasons why I don't want to. I will spend my money someplace else.

The Cool Cookie said...

If there needs to be yet another example of a Corporation failing to do the right thing, the smart thing, here we go.