Saturday, March 12, 2022

Alone Together

This week wasn't as rough as the one before, but it was no bed of roses. On the plus side, I didn't drink during the week, so - I'm chalking it up as a win. 

Last weekend was great weather, 70s, in fact. Today (well.....yesterday, I guess)? We got about 2" of snow in as many hours. It's a-gonna be cold dog walks this weekend. Still, the little guy gets out of our element and into the elements.  ...he's like a postal carrier, I guess. 

Great hike day up at Lake Erie. Warm out, but still too much ice to hit the actual beach. 

While our new furniture is somewhere in the supply chain over the next 6 months, the new living room carpet arrived. Sophie was very very happy. 

I'm just ok with it, but we didn't buy to match our current furniture. So it doesn't quite fit just yet. 

It's like seeing Shep from Goooooogle Earth. 

Sophie: expert cuddler.  horrible co-worker. 

I can only imagine what these two were up to. 

Shep and his Sister Battrile ears. 

Lounging with my sister-in-law. 

Song by: Fall Out Boy


Raybeard said...

I come here on Sat morns expecting to get my spirits lifted - and I just did.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ray these photos always brighten up the weekend in these depressing times.

Travel said...

Thanks I needed that

Bob said...

That last one, the Sophie Photo Bomb is my fave!