Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lost at Sea

It only took a 107 years, but searchers found the Endurance, Ernest Shackleton's lost ship. It's somewhere under Antartica. 

"No word on if any crew members were found alive" that I was going to say, but it turns out that Shackleton and crew all disembarked before the vessel submerged. 

Reading killed my own would-be joke. 

It wasn't really too difficult to get out, since the ship was stuck in ice........for 10 months!!!  I mean, they could have easily taken their time to get off the Lido deck, see Doc and tell Gopher they were taking a land excursion. 

I'm 90% sure Charo was probably there. 

"They" say you can still see the name on the side of the ship. The cold water, and depth of the wreckage, has kept the ship remarkably preserved.....much like Charo. 

Song by: Guster


Travel said...

How far will we go, for a laugh?

Blobby said... have NO idea