Monday, April 22, 2019

My Music Monday

The National has a new disk coming out next month. This is big news to none of you - I get that.

I don't know it's big news for me either. I like the band and it comes out less than two years after their last disk.  For them, that is lightening quick.

My thoughts are: it has to be better than their last disk too, one which I barely took to, save a few songs.

The hour+ long album will come along with a long-length video starring Alicia Vikander. Hopefully she'll come across way way better than she did in that last Bourne movie.

The first single isn't part of the video, nor does it have one.  "You Had My Soul with You" isn't bad. It's not out of the park good either. I have hope for the other 15 songs on the upcoming disk.

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