Sunday, April 21, 2019

Just a Job to Do

I got nothing. Or next to it.

I got through my first week of work.  No biggie.  It was a series of meetings to try to edjemicate myself with the lay of the land.

While not horribly busy, I wouldn't expect it to be week 1.  I'm still helping out with questions from the old position, and I'm happy to do it. And a guy who wants my job took an hour of my time to bend my ear on this and that - I'm actually hoping he gets the job.

There is no office for me yet. I'm squatting in this office, when I can find someone who has the key. If not, I am at a cube - which isn't horrible, though the computer monitor is.

I shall continue to dig in week after week. I still go in horribly early, though there is no reason to - other than not parking on the 7th floor of the parking deck. I have to reacclimate myself to being able to work eight hours per day instead of the 11 I was putting in.

I think I can get there.

Song by: Genesis


anne marie in philly said...

spend more time in the morning with shep and 710 and sophie. do you really NEED to park on level 7?

Travel said...

It takes time, and remember, for the next 6 months you can say, "oh, I didn't know, I am new around here!"

Ur-spo said...

I hope you get your office or something like it soon.