Sunday, July 16, 2006


EDITED/ADDED text now that using a laptop

...VERY tough to do from a phone...which I'm doing while in bed. Oh, keep it clean people.

Got to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew and just general walking around the city I love so much.

The flight in was fine. I swear it took no time at all - which was good. Though apparently, you're not allowed to travel w/magazines of ammo or hand grenades anymore.

Taking the NJ Transit in to Penn Station could have been better...those have gone down hill.

Today is most likely lunch w/friends, drinks w/Garkawe......and a number of showers. We're looking at upper 90s for the heat.

I'll try to post pics and more when I can...but for now my thumbs are tired.


rebecca said...

Oh, right. You're in NYC. I forgot. No wonder you blew me off this weekend, while I was in Cleveland.

My bad. I'll be driving through on Monday. Do you have enough room for me, two kids and an au pair in your hotel room?

Anonymous said...

Give Garkawe a hug from me!