Monday, December 09, 2019

My Music Monday

I know nothing about One Direction, other than they were a UK boy band - and all the pre-teen and tween girls LOVED them, one of my nieces being one of them.

Gun to my head, I couldn't name or identify a song of theirs.

I will totally admit to not liking them just based on the 'boy band' thing, where merch and style were more important than music. That is kind of unfair, granted, as I had never knowing heard a note of their songs.

And there has been a flurry of activity from this former band - Harry Styles was on SNL in the last few weeks, and according to Billboard, two others have (or are) releasing albums soon. One of them being today's pick.

I know, right!?!

Mind you, I had satellite radio on (I know, right?) in the car earlier this week (710 usually switches to XM instead of my iPhone liberry, and I left it on).  A semi-interesting song came on called "Nic to Meet Ya", and only after looking it up later found out Niall Horan (I'll assume his real name is Neil and he had one too many study halls doodling his new name) was the artist and was a member of One Direction.

It actually doesn't suck.

There are parts that could be arranged a little differently (i.e. better, IMHO) but the song works. He also not hard on the eyes, so I guess I get what 11 yo Missy was probably seeing in him.

I don't know I'd go out and search his other music, but this one for a passing fancy, is not bad.

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Raybeard said...

This does nix for me, which only confirms that giving up on 'pop music' some 15 years ago as being too old to appreciate its contemporary 'fineries' was the appropriate decision. I'm familiar with the name of 'One Direction' but other than that know nothing, and certainly having no knowledge about its individual members. Still, for those who like 'this sort of thing', why not?