Saturday, December 21, 2019

Wild Packs of Family Dogs

It is that sacred time of year, when I get to share your cat and dog pictures.  Time of your pets to shine - not that they don't 24/7.  They just don't to their due here - in blog that gets moderate traffic, at best.

I know they've all had a good year, because you all treat them like the special beasts that they are.

Thanks for playing along.........again.

One year old Ollie owns Mike and Peter. 
And trust me, those two are high maintenance. I feel for ya, Ollie. 

Dr. Spo and Someone's Harper. 
While I'm sure I'd adore her, OMG, those ears!!!!

Raybeard's parentheticals: Blackso and Patchie. 

Bailey has really brought Boomer out of his aging shell. 
He's gone from sleeping most of the day to playing most of the day. And they're cute together.  These are my sister's dogs

Rollo - a gentle giant.  
Meredith and Norman give him the best life. 

Christopher's Luna is sooo frickin' beautiful 

Who's a good boy?  Logan is.  
Georty take care of this sweet prince. 

Fearsome with Hazel (on back) and Abner (in arms)

Erik's brood:   Milli (the kitteh) and Luna and Pandora.  
Pretty and handsome. 

Mark and his two buds, Marvin & Walter

David & Cynthia's Siggie.  He is sooooo cute. 

We have one known 'in memorium' for 2019.....

London - also Norman and Meredith's. 
She was a little yappy, but way cute.  And she is missed. 

Not that they are not all stars, but there's no way you're getting through this without seeing my ever-present twosome.....

HRH Sophie.  Regal as ever. 

Affected Shep. 
He cannot be bothered with it all. But something tells me he's not getting coal this year. 

Song by: Modest Mouse


anne marie in philly said...

awwwwwwwwww! shep and sophie and ALL the 4-footed furkids deserve all the best from santa! wonderful pix!

Raybeard said...

Oh, each and every one of these are the MOSTEST. Love 'em ALL with NO exceptions.
Btw: 'Parentheticals' is so spot-on appropriate. Wish I'd thought of it. But thanks for posting every one of these.

GregM said...

Damn. I need to remember next year to send a pic of Brenda so she can be included!

Ur-spo said...

what splendid pet photos ! each more dear than the other one.

Fearsome Beard said...

I needed these cuties this morning!