Monday, December 16, 2019

My Music Monday

I kind of left this one till last minute.

No worries (?), I just did the shuffle thing until the 10th song showed up.

You're getting a solo Bangle: Susanna Hoffs.

The Bangles are still semi-together, though there are only three of them now. That is unfortunate.

While I like Hoffs, solo work is tough.........for the listener. Having 3-4 songs per disk with the band helped all the members. It was harder to get tired of them. I tried to like her non-band stuff, and here and there is ok, but overall is challenging.

That all said, I do like her song, "All I Want" from her second of three solo disks (though she does have two EPs as well).  Is it possible, I like it more because she didn't co-write it?

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