Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Favorite Year

2019 is in the books.

In a way, I say, sayonara. But as years go, this last one wasn't the worst.

Is anyone ever truly sad to see the past go? Have you ever had such a year you wanted to stay in that moment for another 365?

On paper, losing my mother could be a downer for this trip around the sun, but honestly, I'm peaceful with it. Her last nine months were such a struggle, I'm much happier knowing she isn't suffering. That alone helped my grief along tenfold.

People thought I should be quasi-emotional about letting go of my parent's house. And while I visited there weekly, in reality I only lived there for 11 years and had been gone from it since 1981. Letting go of it - while a frustrating adventure - helped free up a lot of baggage.

Professionally, 2019 was pretty good. I cannot complain there.

This might be the year I saw my longest friends the least amount. I will have to rectify that in 2020, should they allow it.

Perhaps I should, but I have no huge aspirations for 2020. I have no resolutions per se, and no set goals. I'm happy to take things as they come and work with that. We do have tentative travel plans for the year mapped out. More on that later in the blog-cycle.

If you've been with me for any length of time, you know I break down the blog year by the numbers:

  • Number of posts: 365. I did not do a Pic a Day in May this year. So I haven't done this few of posts since 2013. 
  • Number of unique page views: 125,209 down a total of 2.5% views from 2019. The blog bleeding has stopped from previous years!  
  • Month with most page views: November 2019 with 17,291. 
  • Number of comments: 909. That is an 11.3% increase over last year. Again, they're probably mostly about Shep and Sophie, but I'll take it. 
  • Top post for 2019: You keep showing the Shep / Sophie love. 2 of the 5 are pet related. Three are political. 
  • My top post of all times is still a 2010 post on Camel Toe which now has 132.066. This is fucked up because last year it was 132,082. in 2017 132,046 views, and 132,465 in 2016. Blogger Analytics has a LOT to be desired. 
  • Top Five Referring Sources (in order that is non-search engine related) oddly have not changed at all in the last two years - even the order.:  I Should be Laughingthe Closet Professor (moving up a space) Doing Time in Shaker Heights, Jima828 (who is back, unknown to me), and BosGuy.  Congrats to all. 
  • Viewing Audience Top Five Countries (in order) remain the same as last year, as they have the best bots to try to place ads in my comments (I'm guessing): U.S., Germany, China, Ukraine and France. Russia has fallen out of the top five. Probably due to my ranting against their favourite asset, BLOTUS. 

Song by: the Dixie Chicks


anne marie in philly said...

wonder what 2020 will bring?

Ur-spo said...

May 2020 be a marvelous year for your and yours !