Friday, January 24, 2020

Small World

Well, a 17 hour ride at Disney World wasn't wrong - it IS a small world.

Sometimes it takes a trip across the pond - metaphorically speaking - to happen upon someone who is only down the freeway.

Meredity, whom you've read about there....often, send me a few messages yesterday (which is now two days ago),  the first one being the one at your left.

My response was: "oohhhhhhhh, this isn't going to end well."

The original message was from her aunt (whose name and address I blocked out here.

This, of course, has nothing to do with her aunt, but in general, people who find this blog after say, 17 years, and have already semi-identified me, isn't going to go my way.

But I am after!  So I guess this is all like Six Degrees of Blobby.

Honestly, I'm fine she found my blog - other than the fact I used the "c" word yesterday in regards to Hillary Clinton - by which i STAND!, thank you!

The odd thing isn't that Ditto's aunt and I are separated by only 20 miles (give or take), but that she had to find me via John over at Going Gently.  That's more like 3,572 miles (give or take).

To answer the longevity question - of Dith knowing me - she comes close to 35 years, but not quite. I'm thinking Dith and I are at 32 years. Summer of '88, I believe.

To get Aunt Sally up on a few Dith / blog sightings (I mean, I'm assuming she is now a regular reader).

Meeting Dith.

A birthday tribute to Ditto. 

Here is a little photographic history.

Dith's 50th. 

I mean, you have 5,504 posts to get through.  5,500 if you read the four hyperlinked ones above. Now get crackin'.  There will be a quiz!

Song by: Adrian Belew


Travel said...

Your cover is blown, what next?

Ur-spo said...

What a neat story!
By the way, I hope Life has a better theme song than that wretched It's a small world ditty.