Monday, January 27, 2020

My Music Monday

Unknown releases. That's the theme of the month. I think I can squeeze four out.

I do like the Killers. They've been featured here a few times.

That said, I usually stay away from Greatest Hits disks, as I normally have what they already offer. I mean, I'm sure bands get some sales from people who liked a song here or there, but not the rest, so the waited for compilation.  Or as a guy I used to dated called it: a copulation.........and no, he was not being "funny".

Normally anymore though, greatest hits packages include a new song or two because..........they think someone will buy an entire disk for two songs?

That might have happened before the iTunes.

So, I never paid attention to the 2013 greatest hits release from the Killers. I'm not sure I knew they had a copulation before a few months ago. They don't seem like they've been around long enough for one. But the record company like the almighty dollar, don't they?

I did, in fact, download their two "new" songs - that are now seven years old. Both seemed ok. One is ok, one is better than ok. I won't go out on a limb to say it's great. These add-ons, you gotta figure they're pulling stuff from the vault to slap onto a hastily put together product for the holiday season. I mean.......I'm guessing.

Still it took me a few listens to get into "Just Another Girl".

I like that it doesn't necessarily stick to the predicted rhyme formula. I think that might be the biggest draw for me.

I do like the rhythm section. I think Ronnie Vannucci is a great drummer. He was very impressive to see live. And once the song gets going, I really like Mark August Stoermerer's bass line.

The video? For a Killer's fan, I assume it would be cute - as the entire things is a compilation of shots from most, if not all, their other videos over the 10 years prior. I'm guessing if they looked a little harder - like 3 more minutes - they could have found someone who had more energy and could lip synch better (read: at all).  She plays all the Brandon Flowers roles. The rest of the band is just the band.

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Ur-spo said...

I enjoy these as I always learn about music and groups I've never encountered before. The Killers? what a name!