Saturday, January 25, 2020

They Love Each Other

Two each. That's all I got this week, but they're good ones.

I love when he's excited to see me in the middle of a walk. 
He does it in almost the exact same place on our afternoon walks. 

Sophie is VERY attentive. 
Dozens of times per day, she grabs my arm until I go back to petting her.  

Snow Day Shep Romp
He seems to like the snow a lot. Not so much slush or salt, but snow - yes. 

It is winter. When no dad who curl up next to - you'll find her at the radiator. 

Song by: Grateful Dead


anne marie in philly said...

quality pix; love the snow one. you got more snow than we did last week.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, love the snow one but Sophie still looks fab.


Raybeard said...

One has such an expressive face while the other's is always impassive no matter what she's doing - except for when she's dozing off or sleeping and 'smiling'.

Bob said...

I love Sophie reaching out, and dogs in snow is always a treat!

Ur-spo said...

I hope I am reading this right the cat prefers owners to radiators and if no one is about then she goes to the radiator.