Friday, January 17, 2020

I Know Him


The tangled web you weave. Webs, I suppose.

My lord, now we are onto illegally spying on our own ambassadors - and the whole impeachment thing, which is just going to go nowhere.

It's this Lev Parnas thing that is just killing me. Not necessarily in a bad way.

First off - I am ah-mahzed that a man under conviction would go on any talk show, let alone Rachel Maddow. Of course, the barrage of, "I don't know him" statements that came out from just about anyone.

People. It is the digital age.

It seems there isn't a BLOTUS family member this guy didn't get pics with - other than Ivana (no k) and Tiff. It's hard to believe they were a series coincidences that everyone below just happened to get a pic with a person they don't know.

At the very very least - Secret Service is NOT doing their job.

Song by: Jonathan Groff


Bob said...

They don't know him but he comes to their every event and takes photos with them.

Anonymous said...

From Dith—-This “article” is basically just quoting a tweet, so who knows if it’s valid. But...

Deedles said...

Maybe he meant "know" in the biblical sense :) That's one spin on it.

Raybeard said...

Does he know this Giuliani chappie? Thought not.