Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bimbo Season

First impressions last a lifetime. Or they can.

Rebecca was discussing a while back how as friends, the five of us have never had much trauma when it came to our relationships with each other. Drama: yes. Trauma: no. Through the fickle finger of fate, we all met, became and remain friends.

Though I’m sure I met Meredith, or came in some contact with her at Matt & Morty’s ‘apartment’ during one of their summer parties (perhaps it was just a continual one from whence I came at different times), I don’t remember how.

I do remember when I met Becky though – and Dity was with her. Why I was drawn to these two during this party was beyond me. Probably because all the straight guys there scared and intimidated me just a bit. And by ‘straight’, I guess Scott would be included in that grouping – though I don’t know exactly what he was. He definitely scared me.

The joke is, Dith and Becca were much more intimidating – and I didn’t want to sleep with them anymore than I did the men at the parties. …well…Gary…but….

Anyway…..I just didn’t realize they were intimidating. Not yet.

Sitting on the floor of the Matt/Morty domicile, there they were, in black (naturally), with pen and paper. There I was, close by, with the ubiquitous beer in my hand….eavesdropping. It was what I did best.

Though I don’t know this for sure, I think there were some irked feelings regarding Matt and this girl hanger-on, Michelle. Matt was like the brother whose sisters would never like any girl he dated. No one would ever be good enough. Michelle was the poster child for this.

So with pen to paper, Becky decided to write a song. Or at least lyrics.

Bimbo Season
Bimbo Season
There’s no reason
For that lesion

There may have been more lyrics – but those are the ones I remember (well it has been almost 19 years!). I am sure the thought of casting me out of the room crossed her mind as Becky caught me watching, listening and smiling.

I didn’t know her. She didn’t trust me…well, enough to be sharing her “writing” with me. If she were Alison Moyet British, she would have told me to ‘sod off’. She wasn’t that blunt, but just as effective. I think closing the notebook, shooting me a dirty look and walking away was pretty much the same message. Poor Dith just gave me a sympathetic look and wandered out to the porch herself. It was her safety zone.

Numerous other encounters at that apartment/porch lent itself to connecting with Rebecca. Dith was much easier. I dug myself in again with those two having no option but to listen in on a conversation regarding “Initiation Ken”. It was a cramped porch when a dozen people were out there. One had no choice but to overhear, especially if stuck in the corner with no escape. I didn’t get to hear all, so I misinterpreted and just assumed many of the women there lost their virginity to Ken. Years later I was told I was wrong on that count, but never told what his title actually meant. I knew enough not to push it.

The real icebreaker was a case of mistaken identity. As Jon and I wandered into Party Central (g-d, the neighbors on either side and below them must have loathed the weekends), we had to step over a long-haired blonde woman, passed-out at the foot of the stairs. We both agreed it had to be Becky.

Not long after we were upstairs, we encountered Becky. A nice recovery, we thought and maybe even mentioned. She claimed it to not be her who was face down on the lawn and cement. We rolled our eyes in disbelief. Whereas this really could have been a relationship deal-breaker, the humour of the event started to bond us (no pun intended Morty). To this day it’s a running joke….and we’re only 87% convinced she’s telling the truth. Diane, the doppelganger (well, when she’s face down) was never verified to be said drunk.

The years have provided many laughs and very few (if any) tears. The night out at the Columbus Clippers game where Lee..or maybe it was Lyle (damn fuckin’ twins) said Becky was the most sexist person they know. Immediately Sherry (Lee and/or Lyle’s girlfriend) said “sssshhhhhh”….like it had been previously discussed in circles and known to everyone except Becky….who was sitting right in front of them and heard every word. But for us, it was a joke. Not only because she is not, but just because of how the whole encounter played-off. She immediately transitioned into ‘she’s the sexiest person they know’.

I think my attraction and intimidation to Becky (and the group) was because I admired her/their humour. It was evident across the room and by how everyone carried themselves. I didn't think I was up to their standard. More lack of self-esteem on my part.

All that has passed. At least with my friends.

Song by: Rebecca & Meredity

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rebecca said...

You were trying to steal my ideas! You WERE! I know it!!

I distinctly remember screaming at you at the time and throwing a huge hissy fit. How nice that you've toned it down in your own mind! Or you just decided to spare me here.

Awww, this is so nice! I miss those days. It's amazing that porch didn't crack and kill us all.