Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Girl In Trouble Is A Temporary Thing

So we went to see Knocked Up this last weekend.

It sure is pulling in the great reviews. And I liked it, but I don't know that I would describe it as a generation-defining movie the way Slate implies.

It's crude. It is a little sophomoric. It definitely deserves its R-rating. And it is completely implausible. As much as I find Seth Rogen hot (and yes, I do), I'm guessing a would-be TV celeb would not, much less wager her career on keeping an unwanted pregnancy from a one-night stand. Don't get me started on forging a relationship based of this. I mean, they are not lesbians!

The movie has its funny moments and some way hilarious lines....almost all of them (if not all) involving Mr. Rogen. And most of them had me being the only person in the theatre laughing. This is not unusual. It just seemed magnified since it was an afternoon movie and when those are R-rated, there usually aren't a ton of folks seated.

I liked the timely references to Spidermen 3 and Matisyahu. But what I thought was going down the path of the "you know I know you're gay" theme from The 40 Year Old Virgin was when they started making references to Steely Dan and Al Jarreau. Once again - I was the only one laughing....though to be fair, I would have bet money no one else in the theatre even knows who Matisyahu is.

The supporting players all have their moments - though I especially liked Katherine Heigl's bosses at E! and the girlfriend of one of Seth's stoner roommates.

I'll save any spoilers, if you can go as so far to say there is anything to spoil, though I think there are some good talking points.

I will say this - if Harold Ramis' name not been in the opening credits, I do not think I ever would have recognized him. I'll assume that Kris would, since she saw him years ago (post weight gain - his, not hers) at the Chicago Zoo.

Anyhoo....it's worthwhile and at least it doesn't have Johnny Depp in drag.

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Kris said...

Looking forward to seeing this movie, although I suspect it'll be in a couple of years on DVD. I'll let you know if I recognize my pal Harold. He was in Orange County (I'm guessing you didn't see that) and didn't look *that* bad.