Monday, June 04, 2007


I've probably always been a cynic.

What? You're shocked???

The truth is, this administration has done nothing but to expand my cynicism exponentially. So when word came out Saturday over the thwarting of blowing up JFK airport and the gas lines that feed the jet fuel to the airport, one eyebrow went up in skepticism.

At first I kept the thought to myself. But when I vocalised this doubt, more than one person chimed in that they thought the exact same thing.

My initial reaction was that 'well, it's too late for Shrub & Co. to inject terrorism fear to get the war funding that the Democrats failed to hold back'. So my next thought is: 'what is coming down the pike from this group of evil-doers (Shrub, not the terrorists) that they can play this card?'. I don't know - but I bet it is coming.

Allegedly one of the plotters said: `Any time you hit Kennedy, it is the most hurtful thing to the United States,'' Defreitas told a co-conspirator in one of dozens of secretly taped conversations made by the informant. ``To hit John F. Kennedy, wow. They love John F. Kennedy like he's the man. If you hit that, the whole country will be in mourning.''

Is this a joke? Do they think because a building with a someone's name attached to it might be destroyed that an entire nation will go into mourning? This is another reason to doubt this story. I don't think anyone truly thinks this way. Would the WTC collapse be worse if they had been the Thomas Jefferson Towers?

If the 'terrorists' (who'd done nothing but talk about doing this for over a year with no signs of having any weapons or the ability to get any) did think this way - do we think they were actually smart enough to pull this off? I'm guessing cow-tipping might prove difficult for them.

Yet NYC and Federal law enforcement decided to shut them down now so it 'did not morph into something more catastrophic'. ummmmm.......ok. So why not shut them down a year ago after the group was infiltrated by the law? And if they had been infiltrated since last July, it means, allegedly, discussions or planning had been going on for longer than that to even bring attention to the group.

The administration has no one but themselves to blame for attitudes like mine and their falling poll numbers. Though I'm sure all presidencies are shrouded in secrecy, if these guys haven't taken it to a new level, then they've definitely been cocky about it and rubbed all our noses in it.

All the fucking talk about who THE nominees will be for 2008 - does it really matter? Could anyone do any worse than the current asshole?

Oh - and maybe it was common knowledge, but I didn't know it - and now everyone does: Almost every paper has printed a diagram for the jet fuel storage facility in Jersey and where and how the lines run all the way to JFK.

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Sue said...

I. just. can't. get. very. excited. about. it. even. though. it. is. in. the. headlines. phooey.

I guess I am cynical too. May I join your club?