Monday, June 11, 2007


One of the cooler sculptures in Cleveland, to me, is the FREE Stamp.

Created by sculptor Clase Oldenburg, the piece (as is with many public works) was vilified by well, the public. Originally it was to be a piece for British Petroleum, when it was headquartered here, but they never actually installed the piece. Eventually it was donated to the city of Cleveland. (click on images to enlarge)

I took a few shots a week or so ago while I was on my lunch

from a few different angles

As with most of this kind of art, there is no more talk about it and no one seems to even notice it as they pass by. City residents are oblivious to the work they never wanted, even though it cost them nothing. Out-of-towners notice it, but locals probably couldn't even tell you on what street it resides.

Personally, I love looking at it. And it sure beats the giant unfurled paperclip that sits (sat?) at the Justice Center.

I don't know what, if any, kind of social commentary Clase was trying to convey with this sculpture - especially one commissioned for an oil company. Nothing there is ever free. With gas down to (!!!) $2.89 per gallon, they got us believing this is a good deal!

But the more I look at the FREE stamp, the more I think about or freedoms in society and how they are evaporating. It could be because of Bush Corp. I certainly like to blame them. If nothing else, they have eroded our liberties away over the last six years. And not unlike the oil company prices, they try to sell that we are getting a good deal when in reality we are getting screwed.

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