Friday, June 15, 2007

One Year Old

We've only had her eight months, but Sophie makes the turn from kitten to cat today. Clearly it is only in age and not how she acts. She is still 100% kitten at heart, mind and paws.

Maybe it is true what they say about animals you save from shelters, that they know it and attach to their owners more so than other pets. Sophie has. We never go anywhere within the house that she doesn't go.

As we go up to bed she always beats us to the top of the back staircase......and waits for us. There is usually swatting through the slats at the top. Then she just hops down the hall to the bedroom to wait for us.

Sophie doesn't sleep with us anymore. I don't know where she crashes at night. Once or twice when the temperature drops I've found her pressed against me in bed, but clearly she is just using me for my body heat. I don't know why all the cats do that. They never do it to Denton. Their combined 22 lbs push my body around at night like it was a piece of lint. I don't know how they do it.

Soph's undercoat is becoming more brown than we previouly imagined. For fun I've given her the secondary name of Stripey McBrownerson. She seems unfazed by this.

She is a handful when it comes to her sister. Tovah is becoming better about not letting Sophie push her around and Sophie is a little better about not completely attacking / annoying Tovah. There are more and more smackdowns - and Tovah usually wins. I'm glad Tovah wins, because she is becoming her old self again and spending time with us. But part of me is sad that Sophie always loses.

Sophie cannot be trusted outside....not even supervised visits. It's not her fault - she doesn't know any better and she is scared of nothing. And she is quick as a whip. So far, she has very little time out. But to be fair, all the cats had this adjustment and it took years before they were allowed out - and all of those are supervised. They just don't bolt to places they shouldn't.

Anyhoo...we love her and she's been a great addition to the family. We wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm glad she picked us.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness, Sophie is all growed up! Where did the cute little kitty go? She is a full grown cat now. It is sad to see your #2 cat perpetually lose to the #1 cat. But at the same time you wouldn't want to see #1 get beaten either. Rank is always tough. It really sucks at the workplace, doesn't it? Cute kitties!

rebecca said...

She follows you around your big old house because she's afraid she's going to get LOST.