Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bringing up the Average

A new article says that men have a median of seven sex partners in their lifetime. Women have four.

The article doesn't state a few things:

  • sexual orientation of those surveyed
  • if participants had sex with either or both genders
  • gender differences in the population (are there more women than men?)
  • if not (above) who else are these men having sex with..?
  • what the average/median ages of the survey particpants are
  • what defines an actual "lifetime"

In any regards, anyway you look at it, I am clearly I bringing up the average, median or mean.


Anonymous said...

I think they must mean median in one week whilst in one's 20's.

rebecca said...

Median for lying liarsons.

RJ March said...

Yeah, I think I blanched a bit myself when I heard this report and avoided looking at R. Seven? Apparently, I am shameful. Or maybe just an over-achiever.

Sue said...

Hmmmmmmm. Seven. For men. Only seven? For men???? Hmmmm. I feel so cheap.