Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's All Happening At the Zoo

...I do believe it. I do believe it's true. Or so sang Paul Simon.

I don't know that it is all happening there, but at least some stuff is.

Yesterday, Denton and I took one niece and two nephews to the Cleveland Zoo. We hadn't been there since we took my oldest niece and nephew there maybe 12 years ago.

But as it goes - a zoo is a zoo. "Natural Habitats" for caged animals. And it was warm-ish out, so the animals were not. You know how it goes: if you're not there the first thing in the morning, by afternoon, they are all asleep. But we still managed to have fun and snap some photos. (click images to enlarge)

The groups that are the exotic pack animals were keenly observed.

Grazing habits were studied from a distance. The safari participant does not want to come between the carnivore and its prey.

For some of the population, clearly it was mating season. When pheromones won't give you that edge with the dominant male, sometimes a wedge helps to catch the eye of that someone special. (Actually, I wasn't going to post anything for this picture knowing Jon already has the comment at the tip of his tongue.)

Actually, there were some animals that were out and about. And some were impressive. And this big orangutan couldn't quite get the digital camera to work, so there are some shots I think were good that are completely missing. But here are some.

I do love the giraffes. But my friends will tell you I have a height requirement, so I guess it is only natural. I love their markings though.

I guess ostriches and giraffes are not enemies or they wouldn't be put in the same space. And they were all very social, coming right to the fence and just being as interactive as they could be in that environment.

Honestly, I was amazed at how big an American Bald Eagle actually is. I had no idea. But when do you really have an opportunity to see one, let alone up close?

These camels seem to have seen better days. Do they shed? Or their coats just fall off?? Fights with PETA? Weird.

Where's Al Gore when you need him? Why are we worried about the polar icecaps disappearing when we place these beautiful guys out on hot sunny rocks without so much as a frickin' ice cube? I'm sure the zoo isn't treating them any worse than society is treating the ones in the wild. Granted, in Cleveland, they live the cold life 9 month of the year - they just need to get through a few summer months. They are gorgeous though - no?

Oh - and Blobby didn't plan well for the outing, as usual. No hat. No sunscreen. And one big burnt scalp. When will I fuckin' learn?


RJ March said...

Firstly-- I didn't think you cursed out loud in your blog. Refreshing to see the f-bomb dropped so eloquently.

#2. Zoos freak me out. There are too many children, and then there's that smell, and what seems like tragic entrapment of wild animals.

Take care of your head!

rebecca said...

You're going to start getting complaints on your head if you don't!

I mean, seriously, you are ASKING for melanoma on that bean of yours! Why didn't you buy one of those cute little umbrella hats?

And I LOVE those cork wedgies!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chica! Nice chews!

Blobby said...

and THERE it is folks!

Sue said...

I love zoos! What does that say about me? I love people that curse. I was raised by people that curse. :)

Hope your head is okay Blobby.

Blobby said...

"no complaints yet"