Sunday, May 05, 2019


I am not a Cinco de Mayo guy - though I do like tequila - but it's nice to know I could show my face at an event without touting white supremacy

My semi self-imposed moratorium on news isn't over over but things have been sneaking in, as they tend to do.

First off - John Kelly?  REALLY??

I think the biggest surprise of this is that somehow I am surprised. For futures generations who come back to read this, he helped enforce policies separating immigrant children from their parents, when he was White House Chief of Staff for BLOTUS.

He is now on the board of the company that runs (and gets paid to) shelters for these families. It's like war-profiteering without the war. Or at least traditional war. Make no mistake, it is a war on the disenfranchised.  Kelly is as reprehensible as the president he served.

I've kept my distance from the Bill Barr sitch. Has anyone asked the three democrats who voted to confirm him if they regret that decision by late last week. Or earlier when he gave his 4-page summary.

I keep hearing about 'impeachment'. Can one impeach an Attorney General, or any 'staff member'?  I honestly don't know.  I've never truly heard of this. Or is 'impeach' just a word people throw around?

I did find this funny amusing video out there of SeƱor Barr.

Song by: Sly & the Family Stone


Raybeard said...

The Barrdie Song.

JP said...

When I saw this I thought you'd roasted a chicken and had photographs to share. I guess I'm hungry. What's new?

Ur-spo said...

5/5 is in full force here with jollity and some rather not politically correct costumes but it is fun