Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Say what you will about Mike shelved blog Short Attention Span Theater - and I have, do and will - but I totally get the short attention span thing.

I have never understood binge watching .....anything.

At most I can watch two episodes of anything - and even that, it has to be the 30 minute show. No program has ever enthralled me enough that I have to - or want to - watch it all in one sitting. We still haven't made it through the last season of Grace & Frankie or Kimmie Schmidt.

So when (the other) Brett mentioned to me about Special, where each episode is 10 minute and there are only eight of them, I figured: bingo.  My sweet spot.

Over the holiday weekend, we actually binged something, and yes, it was Special.

The show does a lot in short segments and few of them. With the time limit, there isn't a lot of filler, so they move through the storyline efficiently.

For a quick breakdown - the star, creator and writer is a gay man with cerebral palsy. 

He does a great job at not making you feel sorry for himself yet while still getting your empathy. The supporting cast are all good, though none better than his boss, Olivia.  She is unequivocally the funniest and meanest person in the show - and oddly, rarely at the same time.

If you have 80 minutes - even spread out over time - I highly recommend this program.

Now - onto 120 months of Game of Thrones.   

Kidding.  I'm never watching that. Who has the time? Or attention span?

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Juan said...

Yes, I certainly will check out Special. Also this morning I learned that The Kids Are Alright has been canceled, one of the few sitcoms that could make me laugh out loud.

Ur-spo said...

Someone regularly binges on TV watching. Other than opera I can't sit still to watch TV anymore.