Monday, May 06, 2019

My Music Monday

I won't even pretend I know or knew who Craig Finn was. Going by his accent, I'm pretty sure he is no relation to Neil or Tim.

I saw Finn on CBS' Saturday Old People's Show, which is TOTALLY different than their Sunday Old People's Show......because they're on different days.

Sunday's show has nature shots and Jane Paulie. Saturday's has bands and a segment from a chef you'll most likely never hear from again.

I can't say Finn grabbed me with his first number, but on the other hand, I didn't change the channel or mute the segment either. That's not a small thing, believe it or not.

The show closed out with his second number, "Blankets".  This garnered a more immediate reaction to his music.  The guitar and the rhythm section were great and was giving a great beat.  The horn section, while you couldn't hear wonderfully, has down the moves.

But I loved Finn's lyrics. They rhyme and they don't. The words easily create visuals for you, and he knows how to write that. No one will accuse Finn of being an outstanding vocalist, but that's not the point.

I will look at his other material and see about potentially purchasing some.

As for the version I have here?   The CBS show has a better vibe with the instrumentation, but the mix as muted, possibly due to the studio venue.  The one here has better acoustics but I don't feel the vibe as much - though the guitarist is playing a different guitar.

I was going to go with the studio version, but the live ones grab me more.

All said, I've probably played the song a dozen times in the last two days.

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