Friday, May 17, 2019

My Music @ Work

One month and one day into my job, I finally have an "office".

Ok - it's a cube.  .....for now.

The building I moved to, well, I don't have an office yet. That will probably be 3-6 months before I get one.  No worries.

At my last job, before they had us work from home, I had a cube and it was fine. It was fine because people traveled a lot, myself included.

Now I have people near me on the phone constantly - though it is part of their job.

Wireless bluetooth earbuds are going to be my new bestest friend. I also have a pair of noise cancelling headphones (also bluetooth) that might come into play. I've seen others in the work area with them and I'm totally getting it.

What you see is what I have. I don't even have a desktop computer. I put my docking station in the overhead cabinet, so I don't even have that clutter on my actual desk top.

I have an Indians towel hanging and a storm trooper mug (which I use as a pen holder thingy) and that's about it.  And a half pack of post-its.  Right now, and as is my plan: no paper.

Song by: the Tragically Hip  (and yes, I know I used this song before.  T.S.)

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anne marie in philly said...

ew, a CUBE FARM! they should have had a private office waiting for you upon arrival.