Saturday, May 25, 2019

Reach Out

Doggies and Kitties always make the crappy weeks bearable. Soph and Shep are good buds with which to hang.

Shep and Mr. Bun - the one eared purple bunny. 


Shep: the herbivore. 
Our neighbor must have great grass. Shep stops there every single day to munch. 

Nature Boy. Big hike day. 

My fave or the week:  Sophie's Reach

Song by: Cheap Truck


Raybeard said...

The two with the mostest.
Sophie always seems to wear an identical fixed expression no matter what she's doing or feeling - though there are probably subtle differences buried in there. While dogs display their happiness at both ends, of course, Sophie could make a good sphinx.

anne marie in philly said...

HRH reminds me of grumpy cat in pix #2. "daddy, you are disturbing my shui big time!"

Bob said...

I think Sophie wants to take the photos, but then we'd probably only get selfies?