Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hope Against Hope

There really is no "good" political news - but me, ever the optimist (oh, stop snort-laughing!), still hope against hope, I always say.

Can I get some lovin' for a judge who is ordering the release of BLOTUS' accounting records???  I'll pay for the out-call myself.  It's cool.........Robert Kraft gave me a list of names.

Of course, those Deutsche Bank employees in the anti-money laundering division who have reported suspicious activity from both BLOTUS and his nebby son-in-law. You all get free hum jobs!

I oddly have faith that Don McGahn WILL testify before Congress. I mean, if he ignores a subpoena because the "president" says to..........it's not the "president" who is held in contempt.  I'd be standing on the table telling everything I know.  ........except for the fact that I'd have never ever ever ever ever serve at the pleasure of that "president".

Oh - and Michael Cohen, spilling more (hopeful) truths about others in the BLOTUS camp who have lied to authorities.

Listen - if even 25% of any of this comes to pass, it might - I said "might" - make Blobby a happy happy man.

Song by: Rosanne Cash

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anne marie in philly said...

KEEP HOPE ALIVE! (jessie jackson)