Thursday, May 23, 2019

Praise You

It turns out, it seems Mike has some blog material left in him - though it also seems I'm the object of his blogging "affection" / torment.

He might have too short of an attention span to commit it to Blogger, but he has no issue finding me and SMS'ing me stuff.  I'm not his advanced age, any use of technology helps keep him from another day of fighting against the inevitable Alzheimer's.

He sends this to me, and when I comment back, he turns on me like he was a cast member of the original Dynasty.  If I were physically there, we'd be wrestling till we both went into the pool.....or at least our stunt doubles would.

FYI - he send me this and then tells ME to "grow-up" . Mind you - there might have been some exchanges between the video and the comment, but I'm sure it was nothing I said.

(....and yes, you have to watch avec sound!)

Oh - now I remember. I mentioned this chick didn't need to keep it tight for Jebus. He was not only into dudes........but groups of dudes.

But do not be creeped out by Jebus.  Be creeped out by the lack of blinking.  "Let me see those 'praise hands'" might be my favourite part. *

I don't see this getting Mike to church..........or to exercise...........unless it's flapping his gums, which is his cardio (via keystrokes).  Still, the man can make me laugh........even if it's just on the inside. But, that's where it counts.

*is probably Mike's favourite part too

Song by: Fatboy Slim

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Anonymous said...

Well the praise hands are quite spectacular, but i admit that i do like her dancing partner, she of the curly perm and the purple jump suit (very similar, oddly, to Blobby's senior prom fashion faux pas). Her choice of music, choreography, lighting, in addition to her wild-eyed abandon, all make this a 10 out of 10 video production for me.