Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How Do You Sleep?

I'd say I'm not a horrible person, but I probably am. 

At least 23 people died in Texas, Oklahoma and Kentucky due to severe weather over this last weekend. 

I didn't cheer their deaths or anything, but I also do not really seem to care. And honestly, my indifference is tied to the states in which these happened. 

Tornados are violent and random. They are amazing in their own way - as long as your not in their path. They don't seek out their victims, but for a large section of the country they are repeated events due to environmental circumstance. Their frequency and severity might have been upped due to climate change. 

And those places where they occur tend to be backwater, backwards, Republican-based areas where people are sheep or raise them. Yes, I'm generalizing. Stereotyping saves an awful lot of time. 

If the 23 were BLOTUS supporters, then I really really don't care. 

Sorry. I don't. 

People who support him, even just to vote for the Right, if nothing else are guilty of supporting hate, racial bias, sexual bias, misogyny, antisemitism and the seven deadly sins.......which oddly they hate in anyone who is a democrat. 

I feel for the children and animals. Just not the adults. 

These are the same states that ask for Federal help for their disasters but are for not giving it to others. I should say - the state "leaders", at both the state and federal levels. They are hypocrites and if their constituents have to suffer because of them - guess what?  I'm ok with it. 

Save for my dreams, hallucinations and insomnia, I sleep just fine. 

Song by: John Lennon


Raybeard said...

Yes, I think of the animals too, and often. If it's anyone's 'fault' that such events are getting ever more violent it's certainly not theirs (at least consciously). What I find just as culpable as denying climate change, but even dafter, is those who welcome the increasing severity, as by this means the end of life on Earth will bring their being whisked up to heaven all the sooner. Cripes!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Funny to me you consider Ohio a blue state. Death of any sort is unacceptable regardless of who is killed . There have been tornadoes in Kentucky and a massive one in Xenia Ohio for Decades . I hope poor Sherrod can hang on.