Thursday, May 30, 2024



Guess who gets the rare 2nd post of the day post?

That's right:  YOU!

I already had something prepped and scheduled for posting tomorrow.....and this can't take place of pet day. And it can't wait until Sunday. 

I started getting texts earlier in the afternoon about a verdict. I was not mentally prepared for one so soon. Not even 10 hours of deliberation. 

On the plus side, it was far too quick for a hung jury - which was possibly the worst case scenario. And actually too quick for an acquittal too. I mean, it was doubtful BLOTUS was getting an acquittal on all charges, so to sort through 34 would have taken longer.  

Still, I didn't want to presume. Or hope. 

All fucking 34 counts:  GUILTY. 

VonShitinPantz' reaction was predictable. He only had two words:  disgraceful and rigged.  He said over and over while his Depends was filling up. I'm assuming. He's addled. 

His one female lawyer put her head on the table when the verdict was read.  My take?  She just realized she wasn't getting paid. 

I feel bad for the judge and jurors. They are targets. As are their families. And collateral damage to whomever works with or near them. Just remember - the FBI, Secret Service or DC police never found who planted two pipe bombs at the Capitol on January 6th. 

Palestine might be a safer place for them at this point. 

While appeals will be forthcoming, sentencing is scheduled for three days before the GOP National Convention. Or as I'm calling it: the beginning of the end. 

Thousands of cult members - armed - and their GOP representatives all in one place. What could possibly go wrong? BTW. GOP members who have already pledged their support since the guilty verdicts. 


I would not want to be a resident, or police officer, in Milwaukee during this time. 

Yes, I'm glad he was delivered another guilty verdict brought at the hands of a female. But I won't lie - I'm wringing my hands. Retribution is at hand. It's not going to go well. 

But - yay.  Justice!

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VoenixRising said...

All of the psychics/astrologers/tarot readers I follow on YouTube [for entertainment purposes only, because they are quite entertaining] are all sounding the alarm over not only the Republican—but also the Democratic—Conventions this summer. Supposedly the planets are lining up for some bad juju. But I guess we'll have to wait and see and hope for the best. Personally I'm expecting violence of one form or another and plead with my Minneapolis peeps to say safe.

Ur-spo said...

From now on I refer to him at The Felon