Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vote for Me

On the way out of the grocery store, I was approached by an individual who asked if I was a registered voter (yes), and would I sign a petition to get independent candidate(s) on the Ohio Presidential ballot (no). 

It was a quick and resounding, but nice-ish 'no'. 

To be fair to the guy, he was doing what he thought was right and he didn't beg, nor did he ask why. He simply moved onto the next person exiting the store. 

In his defense too, he had probably heard all the answers, and even if not, he had a goal, which whether it has my approval, is admirable. 

Now maybe - just maybe - it was a candidate other than Wormtail RFK Jr.. It seems unlikely, but one never knows, nor was that information given at the time of request. I suppose I could have asked, but then it sounded like I'd have to engage him when my answer would not change. 

I am not opposed to a strong third party candidate. Well independent. There are plenty of other parties, be it Communist, Libertarian, Green, Jedi.....what have you. But in 2024, especially if it's a well known (I did not say "respected") name like "Kennedy", regardless of what I think about Pappy Joe, I cannot risk Wormtail syphoning off votes that would lead Von ShitzinPantz to get back to office. 

The thing is, as of early this month Kennedy says he had enough signatures to be on Ohio's ballot. He also said a doctor said he has a worm in the brain. Nothing that comes out of his mouth actually has had back-up by anyone official. I see nothing from the state of Ohio that confirms this., in that regard: politics as usual. 

As far as I can tell, he's only on the ballot in Hawai'i, Michigan, Utah and California. Hardly enough for the popular vote, let alone the electoral one. And like it or hate it (and it is the latter), it is the Electoral college that matters. 

I see no way that the 2024 election results will stay out of the courts (though I said that after the 2000 election for all elections going forward). None of us need Jr. battling with VSnP and Pappy Joe. It's gonna be fucked up enough as it is. 

If he can't be decent about it, then when campaigning in California, maybe RFK Jr can make his exit through the Roosevelt Hotel kitchen. 

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Becca said...

Isn’t wormtongue more appropriate

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think he’s on his way out . He needs to try to qualify for debates etc. can’t see where he qualifies for either