Sunday, May 12, 2024

Northern Lights

In theory, I had heard all the buzz about possibly seeing the Aurora Borealis  from most anywhere in the U.S. - as long as it was north of Alabama. 

Theory, when it comes to matters of celestial events, rarely pans out in the 216. 

I have yet to have any of the asteroid belt events happen on a night when it's not raining or completely clouded over. 

All of the other instances of the nothern lights have never come to fruition, be it from weather related activities or just bogus information. 

It slightly never occurred to me that it would happen or that there'd really be anything to see. So, I went to bed my normal time, as I had a run on Saturday morning. 

If Facebook is to be believed, we are the only house in the U.S. who didn't see the spectacular show that the heavens provided. I will admit to being envious and a lot of FOMO. 

Half the people in the running group swears they saw it too. They're older than I, so I'm skeptical. 

Maybe seeing the totality in April was my one shot at seeing anything this cool. 

That said, allegedly, they can still be seen tonight (last night, now) and possibly the next day. 

Blobby took his 2 hour nap, so if the conditions don't suck, maybe - just maybe - I'll catch a glimpse of these yet!

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Travel said...

Looking forward to you post, I saw them as a child in Michigan, a long-long time ago.

Elle Clancy said...

I literally knew nothing about this until is was over (first night). Last night I looked outside at midnight; zip (or at least zip from Hudson). Admit I was disappointed to have missed it.

Becca said...

Same here! Andrew said the lights needed the same publicist as the eclipse