Friday, May 24, 2024


Nothing profound today. 

I could go with hypocrite Nimarata Randhawa Haley. She surprised absolutely no one by saying she'd vote for VonShitzinPantz. 

The living breathing twat of course said she'd never drop out of the race - days, if not hours, before she did indeed drop out of the race. Her vitriol towards BLOTUS during the doomed from the start campaign declared him equally as bad as Pappy Joe. 

But, so she can hopefully get a job somewhere that has GOP in the background, she puckered up her immigrant lips to his Depends covered asshole and drank the fecal matter willingly.  ......and smiled doing it, I might add. 

I am constantly amazed at the GOP and BLOTUS. He called Cruz's wife a dog and Ted practically had to thank him for the remark. And still voted for him. The tripping over themselves for this douche is just so unfathomable. 

Honestly, I don't know how Jim Jones did it, or how BLOTUS is doing it now. I don't say that tongue-in-cheek or in jest. I mean, it's if fucking amazing and scary at the same time. 

But on a lighter note - and I don't know how I missed this from over a year ago, but this is my new favourite thing. 

Song by: blink-182


Travel said...

Do I have to come home? Do I want to come home?

James Dwight Williamson said...

She’s irrelevant and unprepared. I blame her for Dylan Roof which happened on her watch . No better than the dog killer or any smarter. Trump holds power because he has created an insane following to do his bidding. He has no loyalty he is served by people who don’t want his petty wrath turned on them . The ax will fell him just like any other piece of dead wood.