Thursday, May 02, 2024

Police on my Back

May1st is traditionally the day one must commit to a college, if one had applied and been accepted. It's a national deadline.

Many will pay the deposit on more than one and even wait until their orientation at each of them before actually deciding where they actually will attend. With rising costs, those numbers aren't overwhelming. And universities plan that into their enrollment numbers as well. 

Disruptions on 200+ college campuses are having some people (re)thinking their decisions. 

I guess the question is: why? 

I suppose it would come down to the university's stance on the matters of Gaza and Israel, but more so on how they act (or don't) on that and the protests at hand. 

Depending on the day, there are (or have been) 13-42+ political parties in Israel, almost none on the same page as another. Only 13 have seats in the Knesset (Assembly). They are the ones who pass laws, elect prime ministers and presidents - and approves the cabinet. 

The majority of Israeli citizens don't necessarily have a voice here. 

I've said before - Israel is not innocent in their current situation, but that most certainly does not permit or absolve Hamas (not Palestine) of their actions. 

Anti-Semitic violence has rocketed in the U.S. since October 7, 2023. Jewish students on campuses do not feel safe - and the policies already in place on campus protecting them have been ignored for years, only to be highlighted since last year.  You saw three university presidents just trip over themselves with bullshit answers when questioned before congress. 

I get the pro-Israel protests. I get the pro-Palestine ones as well. 

For all my foreboding on US politics, there is a sliver of me who thinks social change can happen and help political change. I think college protests - peaceful - can bring awareness and education where it is lacking. I don't know US college protests change a thing in the mid-East, save the possibility of how (or if) the US financially funds the on-going strife over there. 

As both parties here are not that far away in terms of warmongering, I don't see the DoD stopping the supplying of Israel with weapons. I think they should cease that action, but that's my opinion. I don't think Pappy Joe will put a stop to it and his predecessor would only increase funding. He's butt-buddies with Netanyahu.

Speaking of. Irony (or brains) aren't BLOTUS' strong suits for sure, but his criticism of Pappy Joe's handling (lack of - according to BLOTUS) turmoil on college campuses is in a weird way, hilarious. 

Let's pretend - just pretend - for a second that he wasn't in control of January 6 violence at the US Capitol. Hey!. I said "pretend"!  His lack of handling that pales in comparison. 

The response by college leaders is uneven at best. Some with campus security; some with police. None yet - yet! - with National Guard and the likes. 

But I think we've all learned (well, I'd like to think) historically that government / security interference on college campuses hasn't really gone well in any way shape of form. It has not been lost on me that we are two days away from Kent State's 54th anniversary. 

This isn't going to end well. At this point, I'm just not sure for whom. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m definitely not pro Hamas, but when Israel cries out they are always heard and given more money. The Palestinians deserve a stable place to live, they also are in bed with the devil . It’s terrible and no objective news either way.

Old Lurker said...

Man. And here I was thinking you were trying to get yourself cancelled with YESTERDAY's entry.