Monday, July 09, 2007

The TRUE Fan

Honestly, I think this post is for no one but Morty, Tom G and possibly George. Perhaps Kris. Not so much for Jon. It definitely shows how the first four folks are lacking in their team spirit.

This is one of my per-diem physician's basements.

He had someone come and paint it like this. Notice the strategic placing of the flat-screen. Notice the carpeting, which then had to have yard lines painted on it.

I do believe, my favourite details are Lincoln and Morrill Towers. When in grade school, my father would take me to OSU games, I always imagined these were built like maximum security prisons.

In my fraternity....I know, I comments please (and it's not a frat, because you wouldn't call your country a cunt) one of my 'brothers' was Palmer Schooley (you must say it with that faux upper crust inflection) and allegedly his father, John, worked as the architect on 'the towers'. Oh how we stood so close to non-greatness.

The towers were abysmal. Four to a room. Four rooms to a suite. Lord knows how many suites to a floor, but I think there were eight. But the best thing was - I never lived there. I purposely requested an all-male dorm, not for the sex potential, but just so they wouldn't place me in the towers.

Eventually they became the sweetest dorms on campus. Two to a room...first with cable tv, etc. But they way I understand it, they are back to sardineville.

When I worked in OSU Orientation, our summer offices were based in Morrill - and even for those months it was just icky - especially the commons. the video. Take a look at what campus is like. It is just a shame they couldn't get Drake Union in there somewhere.

And Morty - you better break out the paint!


Kris said...

I can't believe you know this guy! Someone emailed this to me a couple of weeks ago and I've sent it to several my OSU-fan friends. Bret and I want to finish our basement with an OSU theme (complete with UofM toilet), but it could never be this cool!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Even down to the Wendy's, Kroger, and BW3 ads on the flatscreen scoreboard!

Anonymous said...

Good grief what a freak.