Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I pass the test....... I will diminish, and go into the West."

Call it buying into the hype. Call it curiosity. Call it wanton lust.

I had to see the iPhone. Not wanted to. HAD to. I'm such an Appleophile, I felt the need to check them out. I was hoping that's all it would be. I know I've said I wouldn't get a first generation and was irked a bit at the price for only 4 or 8 gig. But as the release date came closer and the press started really going ape-shit, I started doubting myself. I know me and that "seeing" isn't always enough to satisfy my curiosity. I brought Denton with me as the voice of reason. HA!

The Apple store was P-acked. Seriously, there is always someone in there, but not to this degree. And there was barely anything in there that didn't shill for the product: posters, flat screens, and all macbooks had iPhone screen savers. As if it needed anymore market saturation. They had two or three dozen on display for demonstration purposes. Oddly enough, we had no trouble playing with them. People milled, but not a lot were doing the hands-on thing.

I do have to say this - it is fuckin' slick! Good size. Feels good. Easy to handle. Easy to navigate. And just some real neat navigation features - both traditional and very non-trad. The screen resolution was incredible. I watched part of an episode of Lost and the picture was great. Using the touch keypad was challenging, but I'm sure with time, patience (if I had any) and practice it would be ok.

As Denton continued to play, I wandered around to check out availability....but without having to ask. If I can avoid those Apple store worker-snobs, I'm more the better. For all the hype, the camping out, the crowds - there were still a few dozen visible behind the register, both 4 and 8 gig - and this was day two. I bet there were more in the back too.

For good measure, I brought up my blog on the browser (damn, I should have turned it and have the phone automatically landscape it) and snapped a pic with my now crappy cell phone (click image to enlarge) which I'll have to live with for almost another year......unless I just pay the fee to get out of the contract.

I fully admit to wanting one. But as Galadriel did with the one true ring (yes, I am a major geek), I held it and was able to return it. Lothlorien and Middle Earth are safe.........for now.


Anonymous said...

I've tried to tell people why they shouldn 't buy this yet no matter how dreamy it is. Just think... all the features everyone says it doesn't have, will be included when your current cell contract is up and the thousands of lemmings who bought one this weekend will be 'ass-out' or they'll have to spend another 600 bucks.

Stay strong. We'll win. Next year!

Sue said...

Middle Earth is so glad that you were able to resist.

Another Geek

rebecca said...

Precious! My precious!