Monday, July 30, 2007

One for the Road

Today is a travel day for me. I'm out the door at 5:30a - so there's not a ton of thought into this one.

This last week was good - if only for the fact that I got to see three good friends. Four if you include Mark - but I only know him peripherally. I like him though. Oh - and Morty's paint job, garage and patio look faboo!

I got to see Morty, Tom and Becca. How fun is that? Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them all at one time, but spread out over the week. It is a fun combo when everyone is together (but then we would have needed Jon and Ditto too), it is just hard to arrange.

Poor Mort was under the weather and I felt bad that he felt he had to entertain me. I left him and Mark to worry about Mark's potential new garage. But I did get to meet Skeeter, who is just such a good puppy and such a soft tongue. Yes, I went and ruined all his obedience training by letting him jump on me and lick me.

Then it was off for a drink and dinner with Tom. I had not seen Tom in maybe year. It is horrible that we have gone that long in doing that. But it was nice catching up with him.

And then yesterday, Becky and the brood stopped by for a catch-up and pizza. The girls are so damned cute and well behaved. Those au pairs really did their job! I swear the highlight of the evening (besides Nophie peeing in the dining room) was saved for last, when we were told that LDFRN wants to introduce Denton and myself to a gay male nurse she knows....because he and his partner are new to the area and don't know anyone. "Oh....and are they swingers, because I think Marc (I'll just assume he spells it with a 'c') and his partner are."

Don't worry is not necessarily's just LDFRN being LDFRN.

I'll be posting from the road.

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rebecca said...

At least she peed in her CHAIR!